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Arizona Rock Art Sites

Arizona is the home of an estimated 7,500 Rock Art sites.


We have covered portions of the Arizona Strip (south of the Utah State Line and north of the Grand Canyon), the Verde Valley,  Tucson, and part of Northeast Arizona to date.

We have not even touched on much of the mid and southern portions of Arizona.  Many more opportunities such as the areas around Quartzite,  Phoenix, as well as those east of Phoenix are on our schedule.  We don't have immediate plans to visit the sites in Phoenix proper because the ambiance and natural landscape is probably not as attractive as other areas of the state. 

After returning from Tucson (April 2010), we should remark that the signage at well-known Rock Art sites is outstanding.  Visit Sears Point, Painted Rocks, Millville, etc. and see for yourself.  Arizona may be closing up State Parks, but the work they have done on signage at Rock Art sites is outstanding.


Specific location information will only be given for those sites with public information already available -  either by a government agency, in a book, or previously appearing on a website.  Specific location information will not be given on sites that are relatively unexplored or if the information is not already in the public domain.  We do intend to cooperate with validated researchers who are interested in sharing information.







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