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Bishop Volcanic Tableland


Trip Report to Bishop California April 2014

Although we had visited a few of the Bishop Rock Art sites on the Petroglyph Loop previously, we returned to explore several sites which we had recently researched.

An eventful trip Ė nice visits to sites we had previously seen, to sites recently researched, and we found several sites that we had not identified. This trip is recommended to all Rock Art fans.


  1. Very interesting Rock Art and plenty of it. And we did not find all of it. With more time to search, I expect a lot of other Rock Art sites would be located in the canyons.

  2. Beautiful scenery in the Eastern Sierras with a few snow capped mountains remaining in mid-April.

  3. Weather was outstanding.

  4. Roads were fine with only one serious problem on the way to Sky Rock. Others we talked to had hiked in although the hike was long and arduous.

  5. Conditions for photography were generally good. We did return to Chidago for late day photographs, after determining that our early morning photographs could be improved.

  6. Jackís, a local restaurant, excelled in food quality and service and we became regulars.

  7. BarBQue from Holy Smoke Texas Style, was very tasty and tender. Recommended.

  8. El Rancho, our hotel, was acceptably clean although a bit noisy.

  9. The Vonís Grocery Store was modern and pleasant in appearance, although high priced.


  1. Expense for gas, ice, food, etc. was excessive. And when I commented about a small $4 bag of ice, the retort was the ice would cost $7.00 a couple of hours north. I donít see how the local populace can exist with high prices for all necessities Ė but there were a lot of beer drinkers. Maybe they were driven to beer because of the prevailing costs.

  2. We had previously visited and purchased photography from Mountain Light Gallery. Arriving at about 4:55 pm one day, we were told to come back the next morning because they were closing for the day. We said we were not available on the next morning, and ended up leaving the store disappointed. And we did not return and probably never will. Better customer service is expected when we are in a town for a few days. But they have been in business for quite a while and I am sure the potential sale to me will not be that important to them. I am aware they set their business rules, I donít. If I did the attention to customers would be greater.


Many of our pictures were taken at mid-day because of timing constraints.  Try your best to photograph the Volcanic Tableland sites with early or late sun.  Your results should be much better.








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