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At times, we publish notices of Ebook availability, Trip Reports and other information on http://exploringrockart.blogspot.com.  Please check the blog for current activities.

Information regarding the necessity of Preservation of Rock Art efforts is noted on http://coalitiontopreserverockart.blogspot.com and though we have been inactive for a while, since it appears to be needed we intend to revive this effort.  We will be providing more information on Preservation because of the reports now coming in - site damage seems to be increasing particularly on organized "club" trips.  And these are people who should know better.  We have been somewhat critical of the BLM for not increasing preservation education efforts, but the grassroots archaeology, rock art, hiking, and general exploration organizations should be very active in the education process.  It's not also acceptable to say he/she (the member) should know better - tell them what's right, many times if needed. Each organization should adopt and utilize their own Preservation Program.  Otherwise, excessive damages might continue.







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