Ebook Rationale

Exploring Rock Art publishes a series of books, “The Visitor’s Guide to the Rock Art of ____ Site” as an aid to Rock Art advocates.

A researcher, photographer, artist, or writer can preview the site before a planned visitation to examine the Rock Art to be seen and determine that the site fits the Research Plan and Objectives.

Interested advocates can review the book prior to visitation to make sure the Rock Art at the site is interesting to them. If time is of essence, as on a vacation or a weekend, the more interesting sites can be visited, saving the other sites until later when more time might be available.

The Rock Art advocate whose objective is to “see all the sites” can use the books to allocate their time to possibly the more interesting sites and to the most interesting areas of a particular site.

The visitor who does not photograph or who visited with a malfunctioning camera, can obtain a record of the site.

And from my standpoint, the Ebook serves as a personal recording (digital photo) of the site.  This recording will likely outlast me and serves as a forum to discuss the site attributes with researchers, scholars, and interested Rock Art advocates who desire more information and who wish to solicit my opinion.  The Ebook can also serve as a site recording and should the site deteriorate, the digital recording can be used to review the site as it existed previously, perhaps ever help in restoring the site.

Notes of interest are:

We never claim to see all the Rock Art at a site. To see it all, a person must make several visits in different times of the year and with different sun patterns during the day. The position of the sun is extremely important to Rock Art viewing.

We visit each site with two cameras, and take numerous photographs from different positions and angles. In the book, you might (infrequently) examine two photographs of the same images, but our attempt will be to show different views of the same set of images.

Rock Art is difficult to photograph and our photography will not necessarily be better than others. Rough rock, poor sun conditions, age and weather caused deterioration, and intentional damage done by those who do not understand the importance and the sacredness of the sites contribute to the problem.

We do discuss very openly site locations provided by the BLM and other government agencies or that have been documented by articles or books. We only disclose non-public site locations to those we know, trust, and who agree not to distribute the site location information. The debate on more visitation (preferred by most advocates and quite a few government officials) vs. less visitation (still preferred by many government officials) is ongoing. The Site Steward Program used by most government agencies is an acknowledgement that more visitation by responsible people contributes to the preservation process.

It is very important that site damage be reported to the responsible agency. I, for one, have had an extremely difficult time in getting a government agency to focus on the issue and to continue conversation on the topic. Very discouraging. Hopefully, you will be more successful.

Following your order -

We will attempt to deliver the .pdf file to an email address that you provide. If that form of delivery does not work, we will find another way.

It is the responsibility of the buyer to make sure the copyrighted information is not copied or compromised by delivering the book to others. We will do our best to protect the copyright.

If a Researcher, Photographer, Artist, or Instructor requires a larger image with higher resolution for analysis, we will attempt to comply.

When viewing the Ebook, we recommend on Adobe going to view - page display and utilizing either Two Page View or Two Page Scrolling, our favorite.  Use about 75% size.

We respect Rock Art and the research that is required to make the most of a visitation. We fervently aid in protecting sites from damage. We respect almost everyone (99+%) of the people that we have met – generally friendly, responsible, knowledgeable, and helpful people. We cooperate with many whose objectives support Preservation. Contact us at exploringrockart@gmail.com or review www.exploringrockart.com for more information.



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Users are forbidden to reproduce, republish, redistribute, or resell any materials from this book in either machine-readable form or any other form without permission of
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