Jackson Wash



In May 2014, we made our second trip to Jackson Wash, the first was in 2004.  The site is difficult to find and the roads are rough.  We had a flat tire coming out (the tire dealer told us a rock was forced through the tread) and we had only about 300 miles on that tire.  Our advice is if you are going to visit the site take more than one car, since there are not many visitors and not much help on the road.  Two pickups passed us at 30+ mph while we were changing the tire and never slowed - no help from them and certainly no courtesy.  They will be treated the same way should they have road problems in the future.

Specific location information will only be given for those sites with public information already available -  either by a government agency, in a book, or previously appearing on a website.  Specific location information will not be given on sites that are relatively unexplored or if the information is not already in the public domain.  We do intend to cooperate with validated researchers who are interested in sharing information.






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