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Rock Art Favorites

We have a large number of Favorite Rock Art sites and symbols. This section will feature a number of our favorites along with some compilations of pictures.

Panels showing Big Feet are displayed throughout the Southwest.  We have shown a couple from our files and we will find more and add to this listing.

Birthing scenes are found in many locales.

From our experience, Cave Valley anthromorphs are found in SW UT and Northern AZ.

Flute Player panels are located throughout the Southwest.

The Observer Panel is located North of St. George, UT and is a very remote site.

The Pahrangant Man appears to centralized in Lincoln County, NV and is now the subject of a book.

PBA's are common in Lincoln County, NV and are found in Western UT.

The Triple Serpents panel is nice art and well preserved.   It is located in a remote area of Northern AZ.

There are many forms of the Yellow Man.  The painted symbols from Smithsonian Mesa and Springdale, UT are very interesting.  Roughly 15 miles apart, they both have a red bordered head, but many features of one are trapezoidal and the other is circular in nature.  The Yellow Men in Paiute Cave both have trapezoidal bodies, but one has head decorations.  There are many more and we will continue to post to this page.

More to be added.








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