Stone Corral

The Stone Corral site is located east of Capitol Reef National Park and south of Hanksville, UT.  It includes both petroglyphs and pictographs.  Most of the petroglyphs are on a large horizontal rock (top surface about 3' above ground level) and the pictographs are on the ceiling above the rock (about 7-8' above ground level).  The worst breach of Rock Art etiquette that I have observed occurred here when an individual wanting to capture the "perfect" picture laid on the horizontal rock to photograph the ceiling.  Sorry, my pictures aren't perfect (they are good though) since I photographed from ground level.  This is a reminder that obtaining an above average (if that's what he got) picture is not worth risking the damage of Rock Art.

The Ebook is designed to inform:

A researcher, photographer, artist, or writer who wants to preview the site before a planned visitation to examine the Rock Art to be seen and determine that the site fits the Research Plan and Objectives.

Interested advocates who want to review the book prior to visitation to make sure the Rock Art at the site will be interesting to them.

If time is of essence, as on a vacation or a weekend, the more interesting sites can be visited, saving the other sites until later when more time might be available.

The Rock Art advocate whose objective is to “see all the sites” can use the Ebook to allocate their time to the most interesting sites and to the most interesting areas of a particular site.

And finally, the visitor who does not photograph or who visited with a malfunctioning camera, can obtain a permanent record of the site for their use.

From my viewpoint, the Ebook serves as a personal recording (digital photo) of the site. This recording will likely outlast me and serves as a forum to discuss the site attributes with researchers, scholars, and interested Rock Art advocates who desire more information.

If you wish more information, review or contact us at

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Specific location information will only be given for those sites with public information already available -  either by a government agency, in a book, or previously appearing on a website.  Specific location information will not be given on sites that are relatively unexplored or if the information is not already in the public domain.  We do intend to cooperate with validated researchers who are interested in sharing information.                                                                                                                                 






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