NV, AZ, NM, TX Feb 2010




We left southwest Utah on February 10 on a  tour to major Rock Art sites of the Southwest.  Some of the results are shown below. 

Davis Dam Camp


  Nevada has protected the Davis Dam petroglyphs with a fence that prohibits close access.  Many can be viewed with the naked eye, but most require a zoom lens to record an acceptable picture.  Nevada has also installed nice signage that explains the history of the cultures producing the Rock Art or Rock Writing.


 South Mountain 


There are many Rock Art sites in South Mountain (South Phoenix), some of them reachable only by long hiking.  Since we were limited on time, we recorded pictures from the readily available sites.


Frying Pan


After a long drive in the Southeast New Mexico area, we finally reached the Frying Pan site.  The site is very nice with little  observed intentional damage. A relief and a nice site to visit.


Pony Hills


Pony Hills is also located in Southeast New Mexico.  There is a small amount of intentional damage at this site, but we did not observe extensive destruction.


Centipede Cave


There are two Centipede Caves with many petroglyphs also on the site.


  Mullen Canyon


Mullen Canyon is located in Southeast New Mexico and is a prime petroglyph site. ____________________________________________________

Lower Cunningham Canyon


 Little Cunningham Canyon is in close proximity to Mullen Canyon and has many fascinating petroglyphs.


Alamo Canyon 1


Like most of the others visited on this trip, the Alamo Canyon sites were extraordinary and most often without intentional damage.


Alamo Canyon 2


The fabulous Storyteller Panel.


Alamo Canyon 4


Abo Ruins


Abo pictographs must be viewed from behind a fence with the Rock Art about 75' away.  The ruins are outstanding and are viewable fro a close distance.


And then Petroglyph National Monument again

     Mesa Point Trail - Boca Negra Canyon

   Macaw Trail - Boca Negra Canyon

   Cliff Base Trail - Boca Negra Canyon

   Piedras Marcadas Canyon

This is our second trip to Petroglyph National Monument.  Previously we concentrated on Rinconada Canyon, but on this visit, we reviewed both Boca Negra and Piederas Marcadas.


A very pleasurable trip recommended for any Rock Art enthusiast, beginner or advanced. 







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